The Law of Attraction

Universe hanging balls!

image by Salvatore Vuono

How to get ANYTHING you want!

Education is the key to success & I began by reading books on the biographies of successful people & simultaneously attending personal development courses. This is what lead me to a Universal Law; “The Law of Attraction”.

A good summation of this law I came across was by  Brian Tracy as it was simple & in plain English.

In a nutshell The Law of Attraction states that we are all living magnets that we attract people & circumstances into our lives that are in harmony with our dominant thoughts. Everything you have attracted into your life today so far has been attracted to you because of the way you think. You can change your life because you can change the way you think. When you create a burning desire to be successful you set up a force field around you that attracts all the right people, circumstances & opportunities into your life that will help you to reach your goal of becoming successful.

Just some of the success’s I have attained using this law are; State Champion through all the levels from beginner to A grade level at Ten Pin Bowling, three time State Champion at Hockey & three time National Champion at Rock N Roll Dancing & Co Founder SMASA (Street Machine Association of South Australia) .

Cheers to your Success!!! 🙂

Universe image by Salvatore Vuono.