Good Health

Good Health

is vital to being successful at anything, including making money online!

At the very heart of our vitality and physical well being is a life-and-death balancing act between acid and alkaline.

Too much acid and we become vulnerable to a vast array of so-called “modern-day” illnesses and diseases from arthritis, asthma, allergies and migraine to high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, early aging, excess weight, eczema and other skin complaints and even serious, life-threatening conditions.

The real problem with the typical Australian diet is that it is ‘over-acidic’.

The internationally-recommended diet for optimum human health consists of foods that are 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.

The typical Australian diet, consisting as it does of meat, cheese, butter, bread, sugar, coffee, alcohol and soft drinks, is at least 90% acidic.

On top of this, everyday stress makes our bodies extremely acidic. Pollution in the very air we breathe is acidic. All rainwater collected and stored in tanks is acidic. Distilled and reverse osmosis water is acidic. Most bottled water is acidic. Even some council-regulated tap water is acidic.

Realistically, to maintain a  natural healthy alkaline  balance is far from easy. Most doctors and researchers estimate that to remain alkaline through diet would require a turnabout from 80% acid-producing foods to 80% alkali-producing foods.

Good HealthModern lifestyle demands better alternatives. Until recently in the West, ‘alkaline ionized water’ was never considered as a viable alkaline health maintenance method. In the last ten years, it has proven itself an excellent and fundamental source of alkalizing power.

Alkaline water ionizers all possess unique features just not available on standard water filters, this is a key to Good Health:

  • Complete removal of acidic elements from the water – creating the only true pure alkaline ionized water
  • Touch-button pH control for varying health needs
  • Excellent ionization of the water creating abundant negative ions
  • True antioxidant ability, proven in laboratory tests
  • By product antibacterial acid water

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