Goal Setting

Figure heading towards Goal!

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Setting Goals for Success is just so important make it the first thing you do & believe you can achieve it; “watch this movie”  (clips) to see why.

I first learn’t about Goal Setting from Zig Ziglar & Brian Tracy, & in 1998 I sat down at one of my goal setting sessions & decided I would enter the upcoming 1999 Australian Masters because it was being held in Adelaide South Australia which is my home city. During that session I decided a Gold Medal would be my aim & at that time my dominant sport was Hockey so i decided to enter. I went through all the steps on my goal setting sheet & started to picture the Gold Medal hanging around my neck. I also had taken up Dancing Rock N Roll & had been dancing for about 18 months at that stage. My main style I had learn’t was Pub Rock & I thought I would add another style to my repertoire so I went along to Tap Step lessons with a local dance studio. During that first night the dance Instructor asked me if I had ever considered entering competitions to which I replied “maybe someday”. The reason I ask she said was because I have a student that has entered the Australian Masters & she has not got a partner, would you be interested in being her dance partner. I told her that I wanted to see how the first night went. Well It did not go well but I thought it might be a bit of fun as I was already going & we decided that I would teach “Annie” my style & they would teach me Tap Step & we would pick whichever one we were best at to do at the Masters. Well the Masters came around & in 3 round robin matches of Hockey we hadn’t won a game & I was the scorer of the only goal we got, not looking good! Then came the dancing & I was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof but when the music started the nerves disappeared & I just enjoyed the moment. We entered four events so we had a busy day & later that night the medal presentations were held & Annie & I were sitting in the stands exhausted with our feet up. Well to our surprise we won three of the four events. Three Gold Medals & I went along for fun! There is a moral to this story, “be careful what you ask for”; I wasn’t specific about how many Gold Medals!!!

Later I found out that had we won any kind of medal at hockey I would not get one because the officials had left my name out when they submitted the team entry.

Universal Law is omnipotent!

IN A NUTSHELL: Ask for what you want, write it down, picture yourself as already having it, set out your plan, have fun working hard & let the Universe take care of the rest !

Whatever  “the Mind”  can Conceive and Believe it can Achieve!!

Cheers to your Success!!!  🙂

Goal image by  jscreationzs

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